Hotspot Builder

Hotspot Builder 1.3

Hotspot Builder

Hotspot Builder is an amazing editing tool for creating graphics for creating hotspots and hotlinks. This program helps you to create Segmented Hyper Graphics (.

SHG) files with included hotspots. Hotspot Builder comes in handy when creating Winhelp (. HLP) and HTML help (. CHM) systems because it has screen capture options and color-depth conversion tools.

People who create manuals and help sections of a program or software will find this program useful. Incorporated graphics are based on a bitmap or Windows metafile with internal support for several compression methods.

Hotspot Builder has a screen capture feature to help you out take screenshots with ease. Optimize your graphics using the color-depth conversion feature.

Lastly, this program works excellently with Help Development Studio, and integration with this program will help you to work fast and effectively.